An ability to edit a bookmark’s path

Use case or problem

I am writing a novel, and add each chapter as a separate note.
I created a bookmark named ‘Last chapter’, that points at the last one, so I can quickly access it when needed. But then I realized I can’t edit the path a bookmark uses, only the title.

Proposed solution

Allow us to repick a note, or manually edit a path Edit Bookmark dialog uses, or allow to replace existing bookmarks when bookmarking a note or a search result.

Current workaround (optional)

For now I have to copy an existing bookmark’s title (or memorize it), delete it, and create one anew, now pointing at a proper note.

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This sounds like a good idea, but I would propose a different workaround, and that is to tag where you’re at in your writing and bookmark a search for that tag.

It’s an extra step, but given some unique tag like #iAmHere a search would reveal where you’re are in your writing quite easily. And the bookmark will not change, you just need to remember to (re-)add it after you’re done writing.


Another workaround would be to write in a note called “Last chapter” (or similar), and when you finish the chapter move its contents to their permanent home.

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