An "A4 page view" mode

A plugin that allows for rendering a note as a sequence of A4s (with the content split accordingly). Ideally, the plugin would provide basic settings such as adjusting margins and using — (or any other character sequence) as the equivalent of latex’s \newpage for controlling laying out.

This could then be expanded to include an extract to pdf accordingly.


Why not just open the markdown file in Microsoft Word (or LibreOffice Writer)?

I know in my case it is the convenience of one app.
I also don’t care for either of those office products as I find them bloated and slow for something that should be simple.

Obsidian can already export to PDF, but it would definitely be nice to have this sort of preview for that.

For reference, IA Writer has this. Similar to how Obsidian’s editing view has source mode and live preview, iA’s preview had 2 modes: “web” (like reading view) and “PDF”, which is like your request. Preview – iA

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dracozny’s reply is what I would have said. Having everything in one app is just convenient Admittedly though this also works!

Yep this is indeed what I had in mind!
Ideally we could have a toggle in the drop down menu for switching between them

I need this feature, page-like

Just registering my interest in this, as well. Shuffling between Obsidian and LibreOffice is fine, but being able to stick to one program would be ideal.