Am I creating this plugin in the correct way?


I’ve started making my first plugin, it’s a variant of Codepen which renders a note as HTML based on the different blocks.

It’s really hard to figure out what the correct way for doing stuff is, so I wanted to ask: am I doing this the correct way? Mainly loading another view + listening to changes. And should I even use ItemView for this?

Code is available here: obsidian-codepencil/main.ts at 8a08cdf9ab68036f4aeb5394d301ebc2d948dd11 · benjick/obsidian-codepencil · GitHub

Another question, how can I update the display text dynamically?


while I am also new to obsidian plugin development but not new to software development.

when it comes to writing code , there is no right or wrong way.
same solution can be achieved in multiple ways.
you write a code if it produces desired result its good
if you find bugs and issues as you use your code you make changes to fix them.

that’s how it is , simple :slight_smile: