Always Open Links in Main Window (Even When Clicked in a Pop-out Window)

I have a second, smaller display setup next to my main screen on which I have a pop-out window with a dashboard note. This is so it’s always visible, no matter what I’m doing on my main screen. (It has things like queries of current projects, notes to process, recent notes, etc).

I would love to be able to click on any of those links to notes and have them open in the main window (on my main display), and not in that pop-out window (which is the default).

I imagine this would either be the default for all links and/or perhaps an option when right-clicking on a link (just adding a “open in main window” option to the existing ones). The former would be ideal for me, though, as would save me a click each time.

Then it would either:

  1. open as a new tab (in the main window), or
  2. replace a non-pinned tab (in the main window) (like happens normally when clicking on a link in a pinned note within a window).

Either would work for me, but it’d be extra nice to have a setting to choose which.