Always open in preview mode settings option

There is currently a setting in Obsidian that lets you specify what mode new notes open in. However, it would be nice if there was a similar setting that specifies what mode existing notes open in. Currently opening an existing note opens it in whatever mode your previous note was in.

I like to refer back to notes when I’m writing, or would want to quickly lookup a note for reference while I’m working. I find it very annoying to have to hit ctrl+e every time I want to quickly take a look at another note, and then hit ctrl + e again when I go back to editing the previous note, especially since this happens all the time.

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I think you are confusing things.
Settings>Editor>Default view mode sets the opening mode of new panes for existing notes.
New notes are always opened in editor more.

Hmm. Is this a bug then? I checked with other people in the obsidian discord and they seem to all have the same behavior.

are you opening in the same pane or in different pane?

Ahh, I see. I was opening it in the same pane. Is there any way of changing this behavior?

have you tried using ctrl-shift-click on the link?

Is it somehow possible that the standard is always EDIT Mode but for some notes PREVIEW (eg. Dataview files)?


I’m also curious about this. I thought I saw something about some YAML that could be recognized by Obsidian to always display notes in Preview Mode, but I may be mistaking that with something else.

@WhiteNoise that didn’t work for me unfortunately

@nickmilo @PitchPowerBank I would like a features similar to this. Or just being able to tell Obsidian to always open existing files in preview mode, no matter what I was doing before.

we have since clarified that that option is about how a note is opened in a new pane.