Always-on-Top Window with Obsidian Note?

Does anyone have an idea for how to show a small, floating window on top of all other OS windows, with view of an Obsidian note?

I would like to make it show a list of important tasks at all time, basically nagging me to finish them :slight_smile: .

Probably and preferably without having Obsidian running. So maybe something along the lines of having a local web server serve and render the file, and then use Fluid to display it.

Maybe I just answered my own question…

Which OS?

  • Linux has this built in “always on top”. Usually you can find that by right clicking the window decoration.
  • I suspect the Apple crowd has a similar function.
  • In Windows your graphics card might be able to do this for you if you use Nvidia for instance there is a tool called nView which can enable you to bounce the app window to any monitor as well as gives you the “Keep on top function”. Other card manufacturers may have something similar.

I prefer that the Windows manager controls this and not an app. Having an app dictate the focus or view on my screen is aggravating and I would strongly oppose that level of integration.

Oh yes, forgot to mention, I’m on Mac :slight_smile: .

Obsidian already has an ‘open current pane in new window’ command and a ‘toggle window always on top’ command. Wouldn’t those work well enough?

If somehow none of the other suggestions appeal, it’s worth remembering that Obsidian notes are plain text files, so you’re not limited to an Obsidian-only solution.

I didn’t know it had it’s own Always on Top, that’s nice, thanks!

If there was a way to hide the window chrome it would be perfect. I see there is an old feature request for that. As of now it takes too much screen space/attention.

So I think displaying the file using Fluid is probably the best way. Just need to figure out how to have an always up to date rendering of the file.

Yes, it would also be nice if it ran without Obsidian :slight_smile: . I use DataView/Task queries to list my tasks so it does need to be rendered by Obsidian though.

But there must be a way to have that done continuously in the background…

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