Always launch Obsidian in Preview or Editor mode / disable persistent view mode

Use case or problem

Currently when Obsidian is launched it shows my notes in the last mode toggled the last time Obsidian was running. But even if I have closed Obsidian while in Editor mode, I want to always restart in Preview mode.

Proposed solution

A setting to always revert to Preview mode or Editor mode on Obsidian launch would be welcomed.

maybe this plugin can help GitHub - bwydoogh/obsidian-force-view-mode-of-note

Thanks but no, Iā€™m talking about a global setting at the app level. It should be a core setting, not a plugin.

Does Preferences ā†’ Editor ā†’ Default New Pane mode not do what you want?

No. I use the latest version of Obsidian, I have set Default New Pane mode to Preview. I open a note, toggle Editor, quit Obsidian ā†’ When I relaunch Obsidian, my note is still in Editor mode.

Just want to bump up this feature request since I want it too.
My view on this: if I close app, I am done with editing and from now on I want notes open in a default mode I chose.