Alternatives to %% comments, quoteblocks, callouts

I’m trying to save some email/messaging templates. I want to create a note that looks like:

note to self - send this first
body of email 1 here

note to self - send this second
body of email 2 here

And im wrestling with how to format it.

  1. QuoteBlocks and callouts

    • have annoying > character that needs to be removed when copy pasting, and doesn’t play well with multi line
  2. ![[embeds]]

    • I don’t want 20-100 new notes in my vault! Have to think of titles for each.
  3. ` triple backtick, codeblock

    • not awful, but it’s ugly. Im trying to write a human readable email. Seeing it in mono space hurts brain. Also loses formatting like bold
  4. %% comments

    • maybe the best option I see at the moment. Supports multiline and formatting.
    • disappears in preview and embeds. Changes font color rather than background.

Any other recommendations? How would you do it?

Is there some other multiline formatting option? I’d love something that renders like a quote block, but has the simplicity of the %% comments.

As you’ve found, comments work best for your purpose — and unlike the other options, they are purpose-made for it.

I prefer <!--HTML comment syntax--> for wider compatibility, but that might not matter for your use.

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