Alternative to Media Extended?

I am wondering if there is an alternative to Media Extended? I’m currently evaluating…which I quite like but I’d prefer to do it all within my control (rather than download a Markdown file / pass over to Readwise). Media Extended seemed like a great solution, but it looks like it has been abandoned (last release was October 21, 2021) and there a few features I would lime (like greater control of templating for capturing timestamps).

The Reader app just got out of closed beta and they recently added a feature for annotating and highlighting transcripts of youtube videos.
Check their latest thread on their twitter account:
Reader is the best reading/read it later app ever made :slight_smile: (I’ve been using for almost a year now).

Then with the readwise plugin you can sync your highlights and notes automatically to Obsidian.
If you want to try it out and how it integrates with obsidian, you can use this link so we each get a free month of readwise:)

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This guy puts a Templater cursor command into the Media Extended template. Requires a second key press but does the job. His Media Extended Template is:

{{TIMESTAMP}} <% tp.file.cursor(0) %>

Thanks for the tip on the Readwise reader, @y.h. I’m in on that beta and agree it is a terrific service. The reason I don’t want these notes in Readwise is that I tend to use YouTube for tech-related notes (like Linux command-line stuff) and I didn’t want that in my highlights.