Alternative fonts built in

Definitely a nit-picky thing, but having alternative fonts available to use without delving into CSS and extra plugins (i.e., Advanced Appearance) would be nice (especially for people that just wanna take notes and not customize everything). Personally, I’m dying for a Typora-like look & feel with all of Obsidians features, so a Times New Roman-esque option would be nice.

Use case or problem

Definitely a personal problem haha, but maybe the sentiment is shared… I don’t know haha.

Proposed solution

Build alternative fonts into the core menu in the app, similar to the theme switcher. Could even have community fonts… That’d be kinda cool.

Current workaround

Get the CSS method to work (I haven’t been able to yet, but I’m not using the default obsidian theme so maybe that’s the issue). Or just deal with it lol.