Alternate tag symbols?

This is probably a long shot and would presumably require a plugin, but I would love to have options for different sets of tags.

Basically my process is this: I have #tags for topics, but to link notes back to texts they reference, I use ∑authoryear. This isn’t an official tag so there’s no autofill or searchable list. Previously I’d been linking them to a lit note for that text, but this clutters the graph in ways I don’t want.

(There are other conceivable ways around this–being able to exclude the folder where I keep my lit notes from the graph would be one, and there are others too–but this would be a nice option.)

Another alternative is that you can still exclude them with a regex filter:


And any other combination of characters you want. You can save this specific filter in a note and simply copy-paste it for whenever you want to use it.

One powerful feature would indeed be to be able to save filters so that you can just activate or deactivate them from the UI.