Altering default emoji behavior

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to alter the behavior of the emojis in my notes to behave in a particular manner. Specifically, the manner of discord. So… two issues currently:

    • the default emoji list when I type a ‘:’ followed by a letter is currently a ton of nonsense I don’t need ever. Gruesome example is with typeing ‘:D’ — a pop down autocomplete menu displays, like so:
      Ths appears to be some buncha stuff related to like react or css alignment options… no idea. So I’d like them to not be there.
  1. Also, :smiley: itself should resolve to a smileyface. Here in the forums if you type it, you get a smiley autocomplete option at least if you hit enter :smiley: but in discord if you complete a message that has :smiley: in it surrounded by spaces anywhere it will change for you. [edit: sorry that might have read confusingly since they all resolved in this forum post… but in Obsidian those two characters do not. it is a : and a D — not : and then “smiley” and then : ]

Things I have tried:

I have installed the “emoji shortcodes” community plugin by user @phibr0 (hi! sorry for the tag!), which seems to have added many if not all of the ones I’m used to from discord, but the autocomplete drop down is still packed with the wrong stuff (maybe the defaults?)… so for instance if I type anything up to “:eyes”… I get weirdness all the way up to that point. AT that point the pop down looks like so:
Now… if you scroll all the way to the bottom of that long list… there sits “:eyes:”, which is an emoji :eyes: … you have to add the final : before it resolves, which is defeating the purpose of autocomplete entirely. In discord for example I can just type :ey and hit enter. it’s the highest up at that point.

I searched this forum and googled but I can’t seem to find anyone who has altered this functionality or removed the other emojis? I’m working in a build of Nick Milo’s “Ideaverse” template thing, so I already have all of whatever plugins he put in there… Maybe one of those is interfering with me?

Anyway not a huge deal really… but irritating enough that I just spent all this time typing to find a solution! Lemme know if anybody has any info, insights, or advice. Do I need to write my own plugin? I mean I can put that on the list… but it likely won’t get done. XD

Cheers and many many many thanks. -T