Alt text and relative links

What I’m trying to do

Hi! I’m an Obsidian n00b. What I’m trying to do is have alt text for any image I include in a file. This is for accessibility so someone using a screen reader can still know what’s in the image.


I’m trying to figure out the syntax for relative links for images with alt text. If I link to an image on the web, it works like this:

![alt text](web address of image)

Good enough.

But it seems Obsidian won’t let me do the same thing for a relative link to an image in a folder called “Files” for instance.

The instructions for relative links to images say nothing about alt text

You can change the image dimensions, by adding |640x480 to the link destination, where 640 is the width and 480 is the height.


If you only specify the width, the image scales according to its original aspect ratio. For example, ![[Engelbart.jpg|100]].

There must be a simple way to do this?

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