Alphasmart/Freewrite, Rocketbook longhand & ObsidianMD

Alphasmart/Freewrite, Rocketbook & ObsidianMD

These tools are to reduce distractions when writing. We can still use tags and links and then import notes into ObsidianMD but we need a workflow.

The Alphasmart Backup Manager helps us get files from the alphasmart into ObsidianMD. A script could help there. Got one?

FYI, handwriting recognition has improved greatly recently since cloud AI. The PDF transcriber plugin works quite well for this but what we really need is the ability to train the AI with our own handwriting and not other people’s writing. That would be an improvement.

I like to write forum posts on the alphasmart because with a forum post I’ll need to visit a website and opening a browser is hazarous for distractions.

I’m wondering how I can use the alphamsart more because it always helps by productivity.

Certainly, it could be used for daily notes.
I use a text expander on the laptop. Maybe that could be used on the Alphasmart after input. For example, :date could be expanded after input to the current date… as long as the import from Alphasmart to laptop is not too delayed.

Links can still be used actually, but then it’s a matter of memory. Again, that could be addressed with a bit of mnemonics and shorter links to reduce typing speed. Actually cleaning up imports and CLARIFYING those backlinks in the process.

Having the Alphasmart on one side of a room and the laptop helps our mind know when we are moving from input to output. Alternatively, stand and sit. If we’re standing all the time then we’re more likely to notice that we’re timewasting.

I hope this idea helps someone out there.
Here’s a link to an old thread with the PDF to Markdown plugin:

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Wondering about a script too. Would be nice to just plug it in and automatically import.

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You can cmd+s to save a short filename. But it’s really short. The solution for this is to put an aliases line in the file!

Then go into Alphasync preferences and change the directory to go straight into your vault.

It will still make the Neo/date/AlphaWord Plus structure, but I found I can work around this, personally, since I’ve only just started using Obsidian and my vault is still simple and small.

Alphasync is written in cocoa, which is Mac only, unfortunately, but the source is here:

Maybe we can change the source code to automatically backup the files when plugged in. At the moment, I can get Alphasync to auto launch from preferences but it needs another few clicks to actually backup.

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