Almost unreadable title bar

Things I have tried

I have looked in settings. I have previewed a number of themes but they dont affect the title bar. I have searched the forum for a similar topic as well as check F1 in Opsidian. By “title bar” I am referring to the top line with the vault title and the version of obsidian along with the close window button.

What I’m trying to do

I would like to do one of two things. I would like to either change the font color to a brighter white OR I would like a hotkey to close Obsidian. I am using a Window Manager in Linux. Closing the window with the sxhkd hotkey breaks Obsidian so that it won’t run afterward.

Use the following snippet to change the color of the titlebar text:

.titlebar-text {
  color: #ffffff;

Note: #ffffff is pure white. You can change this to whatever color you like.

If you need help with snippets, there are lots and lots of posts here about how to use those. Good luck!


Your snippet succeeded in changing the color of the Title portion in the center of the title bar. I am more interested in the visibility of the right portion (see red box in screenshot) . Trying to see these icons? in certain lighting condition with my old eyes is impossible. What snippet would you suggest to brighten up the “x” in on the right side of the title bar? Thanks!!

@dmick1954 - Sure, try this:

.titlebar-inner {
  color: #ffffff;

Note - this will also change the color of the backward/forward arrows on the left side of the titlebar. If you don’t want those changed, you’ll have to target each button separately.

Edit - I should add that some themes, including the defaults, usually show these as fainter until you hover over them. This might make that action a little less pronounced. It’s possible to affect the hover status as well, but it’s a bit more complicated.

Also, if in the end you want them to be the same, you can shorten your code a bit by combining both of these snippets into one:

.titlebar-text, .titlebar-inner {
  color: #ffffff;

Thanks for you help. I’ll play with this and see what I can get.

Ok!!! This improved the hightlighting. It shows up much brighter. I can work with that. Thanks again. You can close this request.

Awesome. Glad to be of help.

I think there’s a way to mark these as solved, but I don’t know for sure how - I’ve never asked a question, just helped solve them…

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I ended up going with the Shimmering Focus theme which has a larger font throughout. Adding Style Settings gave me everything I needed. Thanks everyone for all you help.

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