(Almost) automatically insert screenshots with dropbox link

Hello everyone,

I am not sure if there are other users use that method but I didn’t see any post so I wanted to spread out my newly discovered method to help other Obsidian users.
I am a Mac user but I think this basic method can be implemented to Windows.

The idea:
Whenever I want to capture a screenshot (ss) I would like to have an url link which I can paste to Obsidian. In this way, when I find a useful image/graph I can easily use in my MarkDown (MD) notes. I simply capture ss and paste it to my Obsidian MD text. Voila!


1- Download Dropbox to your mac. Select auto screenshot upload option. That will allow you to obtain a public link for your screenshots.

2- Paste the link simply with Cmd+V and change the last character 0 to 1 (which makes the photos downloadable)

3- Create a template for it so you can much use the links. And preview by Cmd+E to check if it in a good size.

Tip: To avoid eating too much space in your dropbox you can change your screenshot format png. to jpg.

  • At the moment, unfortunately, only Dropbox links work. The other cloud systems cannot generate proper link for Obsidian.
  • But if you are enough geek I can recommend you to take a look there for writing a similar quick action to other cloud based storage services.