Allow users to determine emoji priorities

Allow users to determine emoji priorities

I use emojis as the starting character of many notes — this allows my backlinks to be self-organized and makes my publish site more easily used since my readers can’t see or use tags.

Right now Obsidian prioritizes emojis based on…I don’t know what, but definitely something.

I don’t know if this is possible, but I would love to be able to tell both Obsidian and my publish site how to prioritize emojis. This way the emojis that have a higher value than others can float to the top.

For example, I’d like notes with a :star: to be prioritized above notes with a :writing_hand:t4:, but as-is the :writing_hand:t4: is prioritized above a :star:.

Proposed solution

Maybe being able to assign each emoji a numeric value under-the-hood? I have no programming experience, I’m just spit-balling.

Current workaround

The closest thing I have to a work-around is creating folders for different emojis and then prefixing each folder with a number before the emoji — but that does nothing at all to fully sort my backlinks like I’d like them to be. I have no idea how to work around that.

The order is probably based on their code point in Unicode. (Unless it’s based on the same frustrating mystery as the order of templates in the template menu.)