Allow uploading multiple photos when adding attachments on mobile

Use case or problem

While in the middle of writing on iOS, I want to add multiple images but I can only select one when I tap to add an attachment.

Proposed solution

Allow multiple images to be select from the photos gallery.

Current workaround (optional)

I could select multiple photos in the iOS Photos app and share them to Obsidian but that requires more steps.


+1 for this request, it’s been bugging me for ages and I finally thought I’d post it as a feature request, happy to see you beat me to it!

I often want to upload multiple photos, and it’s cumbersome for two reasons:

  1. I have to keep selectin the attachment button and selecting a new photo from the iOS camera roll, then repeat…
  2. Because of the hybrid source/preview mode, when adding one picture, it is difficult (it takes time) to scroll below the image you uploaded and tap to re-activate the cursor so you can upload a new photo. This exacerbates the issue because the time between uploading each photo is even longer.

Can you describe your workflow for sharing from the photos app? I can’t seem to even figure out the workaround. Also +1 to your request the current limitation is QUITE annoying!