Allow unreferenced footnotes to be handled by linked mentions

  • I had a [[Literature Note]] opened.
  • I created a [[New Note]] from it
  • I added that [[Literature Note]] as a [^1]: footnote at the bottom of said [[New Note]]
  • I then changed the title of the [[Literature Note]] to [[:open_book: Literature Note]]
  • The [^1]: [[Literature Note]] footnote in the [[New Note]] did not update to [^1]: [[:open_book: Literature Note]]

IF the [^1]: [[Literature Note]] footnote is tagged[^1] elsewhere in the [[New Note]] already, the footnote will update. Otherwise it will not.

If the footnote is not tagged, it doesn’t even appear in linked mentions. If unreferenced footnotes are handled by linked mentions, renaming the note will update the footnotes.

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