Allow unlinked mentions to be generated for links that are not files

Use case or problem

I know there are a lot of potential unlinked mentions that could be generated from my notes but I don’t have files generated for every single link I’ve created.

Proposed solution

At least as an option, generate unlinked mentions for any word that matches a link, not only links that have files created for them. When I write notes, I don’t know what’s important enough to become a file yet but I do link keywords and phrases that I think could be useful. It’d be great to have unlinked mention recommendations later for those links because if I have the same keyword in multiple files, maybe it’s time to create a standalone file for that subject.

Current workaround (optional)

Click on every link I create to force a file to be created. But this also creates a lot of empty files which I think is noisy and disorganized.

Where would you see the unlinked mentions of links to files that are yet to be created?

Great question. I don’t see a need to distinguish unlinked mentions with or without files created. I would expect them to all be within the same list on the side.

To me, the important part having a graph that’s generating based on unexpected connections so just by designating keywords. So the more recommendations coming from the unlinked mentions, the better.

Yeah, but the “unlinked mentions” sidepanel shows unlinked mentions of the current file, or its aliases. So I don’t see how your suggestion could fit into the “unlinked mentions”, as you are talking about links without notes, not mentions of existing files.

I think the “Pending notes” plugin is what you are looking for:

Perhaps married to Note Batcher:


Thanks for the clarity. I don’t know why I didn’t realize that before… maybe it was too late at night.
So maybe, instead of unlinked mentions of the current file, it would be unlinked mentions of the current file (or the current file’s links).

I’ll check out these plugins because I had searched for something like this but didn’t know exactly how to word what I was looking for.
Thanks again.

Can you clarify what you mean by "unlinked mentions of the current file’s links”? How can links be unlinked?

I feel like it would be best to use an example because I’m confusing myself also. :slight_smile:
Let’s say we have a file with the contents:

I like pizza with [[cheese]] and [[onions]].

And we have another file with the contents


While looking at the file, there will be no unlinked mentions because does not mention pizza. I think it would be useful if “cheese” was listed as an unlinked mention, especially if doesn’t exists. Clicking on it would then wrap “cheese” in [[cheese]] so that the link is established.