Allow typing empty line in block quotes

Use case or problem

Say I’m trying to copy in paragraphs from an article. I want them to be block quoted.

I type in > and paste in the paragraph. All good.

Then I go to create an empty block-quoted line, followed by a > and paste in the second paragraph.

I can’t.

If I type in > and Enter, the > disappears.

Previously, I would’ve been able to work around this by typing in > and then Space and then hitting Enter. But this doesn’t seem to work anymore either. Whether in Live Preview mode or regular editing mode.

Proposed solution

Do NOT remove the > for block quote when someone hits enter if there’s a space.

Personally, I’d prefer not removing it at all, even if the line is totally empty, but I imagine other people want to keep that behaviour. Removing the > only when it’s truly empty and there are no spaces seems like an acceptable compromise.

Current workaround (optional)

Have to hit Enter, then Enter again, then >, then paste in, then click back up to the empty line, type >, and then click back down to go to where you want to next type more text in. Tedious!

Related feature requests (optional)

Not easier just to create a hotkey to toggle blockquotes? You can then select multiple paragraphs (including empty lines) and toggle blockquotes on / off.

I use “CMD .” as the period on my keyboard sits underneath the >. The hotkey is easy to remember because of the association with > being used for blockquotes in markdown.



That’s a good workaround! I’ve also been using that. Though it still is a workaround. If I’m in the middle of a long block quote, that’s not entirely feasible.