Allow scrolling in page preview

Page preview would be more useful if you could scroll through the content with the mouse wheel when the mouse cursor is over the preview window. Anything that lets you see content without having to actually navigate away from your current note like this is useful.


Can’t you do that now already? I’m probably misunderstanding something but if I have my focus on one note and just move the mouse to another note that is in preview (without clicking on it) if I use the mouse I can scroll there.

What I mean is that if I am previewing note A, and note A is long, I want to be able to scroll through note A and see all of its content in the preview window. I’m not talking about seeing other notes.

Oh my bad, by “page preview” I was thinking about a note in preview mode…
Now that I’ve understood it +1 for that!

I think I’m still confused—are we discussing the hovering page preview? e.g.:

If so, a UI to be able to scroll through it would be neat.

And yes, we should clarify the language between these hovering previews and a note in preview mode. Maybe the WYSIWYG editor will force that.

Yes, the hovering page preview. I took the language from the Obsidian help file: “To see a preview of the linked content without leaving the current note, enable the [[page preview]] plugin and a popup window will be displayed.” But I see the ambiguity now.

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I have a related request/suggestion. Perhaps we could set how many lines of the hovering preview we could see. Currently it looks like we get six lines. Perhaps we could set how many - more or less than six?

  1. When hover on link the link is previewed in small window
  2. When hodling CTRL the preview window user can scroll in file

this has been implemented in 0.9.3

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