Allow scrolling canvas notes when focused

[rigmarole edit: See context below. This was posted as a feature request, but seems more like a bug when “Default mouse wheel behaviour” is set to Zoom.]

Use case or problem

When a node is double-clicked, you enter edit mode, and can scroll the contents. When single clicked, you cannot.

Proposed solution

When focusing a node with single click, allow the contents to be scrolled.


I realize this behavior may be intentional for performance reasons? Potentially full content for each node could be lazily loaded the first time a user clicks the node.

I don’t see what you’re seeing. If I single-click a Canvas card, it activates and lights up the border with a brighter color, and then it can be scrolled, even before entering into edit mode on the card.

What version and installer are you on? And OS. Please test in the Sandbox vault to verify.

In this gif, I scroll around the canvas. Then I single click. The card is activated. I scroll the card. Then I double click into edit mode, and continue to scroll the card.


Looks like the issue arises when scroll behavior is set to zoom
Oh, and:
Windows 10

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Ok yeah I see. So if you hold Cmd in MacOS or presumably Ctrl in Windows, you can scroll. It makes the gesture reversed.

When panning is default, you have to hold that key to zoom.

I don’t know if WhiteNoise would agree or not, but this almost feels more like a bug. It kind of makes sense that they swap, but when you are over an activated card, you shouldn’t need to hold the key. (In my opinion.)

Also I didn’t notice this at first. In MacOS, pinch to zoom still works. So we have the best of both worlds if we have panning set to default behaviour.

I agree. And this does seem more like a bug.
In windows at least, control+scroll when scroll=zoom does nothing when the node is focused. It only scrolls the canvas when not hovering a focused node. Seems intuitive that focused nodes should always be scrollable.

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Ok thanks, I’m sure you saw the notification, but I added a note at the top, in case you aren’t able to edit your own post.

This appears to be fixed as of Insider v1.1.13


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