Allow publish site visitors to use the tag pane

Tags sort of work on publish sites, but they aren’t nearly as useful as they are in the Obsidian client. I’d like to give readers the option of using tags, because right now I’m having to compensate by creating notes where I would normally use tags and it’s made my workflow pretty cumbersome.


I agree.


I agree, overall would like to seem more features for improving the visitor experience in Publish :slight_smile:


What about a dedicated tag page? This page could just list all the tags within the published notes. Kindle like how Hugo does taxonomies.

I’m not sure what you’re envisioning by a tag page, but you can link tags directly and when you click on a list of every note with that tag will populate, but it’s way too basic to be very useful.

My thoughts on a tag page is more a of a programmatic page that just lists all tags. i.e. this hugo theme that displays all used tags within the site. There should be a “tags” button on the left nav bar. This is what I meant by the taxonomies. Would be nice to have an option to display all tags in the publish plugin.