Allow properties to be indexed in unlinked mentions

It would be great if the contents of properties can be used to draw matches with other files via unlinked mentions. Currently only the main body of each note seems to be queried.

The specific case that inspired this idea is that I mention DOIs in the text of a note and want to have implicit links with the reading notes created using the Citations plugin, for which I created a template property containing the DOI string.


Follow up with a solution to the problem I was facing:

In the Citations plugin settings, simply create an alias property with value {{DOI}} and all unlinked mentions come flowing in.

Please close the topic as it is now irrelevant.

Just saw a discussion about this on Discord. I don’t think everyone will feel drawn to using a plug-in to achieve what, in my view, would be expected core behaviour.

I expect there is a good reason for why unlinked mentions aren’t picked up when they appear in Properties, but I think for the feature to be robust, this should be looked at.

Edit: To elaborate, not everyone will automatically link every value entered into a property. It feels a bit more manageable (perhaps just for me) to link something only when it is needed, rather than in anticipation of a need. In my opinion, this is really a strength of unlinked mentions and where this feature shines. I didn’t know I wanted to link X five months ago, but now I wish I had—enter unlinked mentions.

Unlinked mentions should therefore not only appear, but be linkable via clicking the button as usual, whether the mention is in the body of a note or in a property.


I second this from @ryadaj .

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I would also love this to be part of properties!