Allow popups in iframes on published websites

I have iframe (embedded raindrop bookmarks) on Obsidian pages that include external links. But they don’t open when I click the link from a published Obsidian page. WhiteNoise advised to request “allow popups in iframes on published websites.” thanks


I vote for it.

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I also would like this feature. It used to work in Publish but sometime this year the sandboxed mode on iFrames was introduced and it affected this.

For my use-case, we use Obsidian publish for a large community (60K members) and we have a learning resources database in Airtable. The reason we used Airtable is because it’s easy to collect data with the form and then create views of the data which we can add in multiple notes. For example, for a specific tool we can create a view of learning resources for that tool and add it to the note.

I’ve thought about using markdown tables and making them interactive with but creating the views off of one database doesn’t seem easy/possible.

I’ve also tried overriding the sandbox attribute on our iFrames and adding the allow-popups flag but it didn’t work for me.

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Hi Admin, is this available now? It’s been months. Thanks

I need too! +1 for me

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This will be implemented for publish websites only. Not within Obsidian.


Clicking on external links inside iframes now properly open them in the default browser.

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