Allow paragraph indentation

Obsidian is almost perfect, but there are some things I think are missing. That is indentation regarding paragraphs. If I add a space before the first letter of the first paragraph, the entire paragraph moves. I just want to add a space at the beginning. I understand that markdown does not support indentation with respect to paragraphs, but Typora does. Please add an option that will support single full-width and single half-width spaces! Many of us are looking forward to this.

Thank you.

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This works in reading view:

<html>&#x2001;&#x2001;</html>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla efficitur aliquam arcu, vel lobortis ipsum laoreet sed. Nullam pellentesque dictum velit, id dignissim sem. Pellentesque eget sollicitudin risus. Quisque at efficitur diam. Mauris euismod arcu in mauris venenatis rhoncus. Donec eget dolor non erat porttitor gravida eget non quam. Praesent mollis auctor magna.

In general if you are concerned about indentation then you should use other document preparation software such as MS Word.

I renamed your title so it’s clear what you’re requesting.

And here is a screenshot from Typora. They do allow indenting the first line by using tab. And by default it isn’t indented. And then if you export - to PDF for example - that indentation remains intact.

There are likely some CSS wizards who know how to add a snippet that could handle this. For example here is a thread where someone was trying: Indenting paragraphs (and paragraphs only) in source mode