Allow Obsidian to have multiple windows on Mac

I am unable to open obsidian in a new window like I do with other apps sites on the Mac
I tried terminal and all other ways to open the obsidian many times but it failed
please give an update to the obsidian where users can open multiple windows of obsidian in the iOS and MacOS then it will be great and same can be said for the android and windows machines as well

I use obsidian on OS X, Windows and Linux and they all open in a window the same as every other app i use on those platforms and it has seperate windows for each vault that I open on each of those platforms. I think there must be something odd about your OS X configuration. Obsidian is actually an electron app, same as other apps.

It’s not really a “true” window, but I don’t know your real needs.

Open the Obsidian help and search about “new window”


  • open a note
  • open the command palette
  • and try "Open current tab in wen window or Move current tab to new window

I think this could be what is needed. I just tried the “open current tab in new window” command and it gave me a completely seperate window to the main window. Also if you right click any file in the file list area then there is an “open in new window” option as well.

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I write “not really a true window” because The “new window” doesn’t have the left and right sidebars integrated (but u can use the command palette and play with it)

Hi, for the most part I use such a simple enough option, namely open the current tab in the wen window or try to move the current tab to a new window. This almost always allows you to get a separate window from the main one you have.

I love using multiple windows as well, but not having the sidebar in all of them is a lacking feature. Would love to see this implemented!

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