Allow mermaid-diagrams in outlines

I often use outlines to structure my documents and want to insert mermaid-diagrams in them. However, it seems like mermaid diagrams have to be inserted outside outlines to work.

This works:

- Bullet point
 - Bullet point

This does not work:

- Bullet point
 - Bullet point
 - Mermaid diagram

Furthermore, when inserting a mermaid diagram outside an outline then the outline has to “restart” at root level in order to display properly.

So this does not work:

- Bullet point
 - Bullet point
Mermaid diagram
 - Bullet point

Image of what the last example looks like in Obsidian:

So the feature request is the following:

  • Allow mermaid-diagrams within outlines
  • Mermaid diagrams within an outline should be intended (and I guess shortened horizontally)
  • Allow outlines to continue after mermaid diagram
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In Obsidian v0.9.20 this already works so IMHO this request can be archived.

- triple backticks can be preceded ..
	- .. only by indentation, not by hyphen. 
	- so put code block on next line under list item mark "- "
		- and indent it more. 
		- hyphen has to be followed by spaceand indent it more
		to act as list item. 
			graph LR
				A --> B
		- see visualization of whitespace characters
	- e.g. in EmEditor