Allow for setting (or auto-determining) the canvas "center"

When closing and re-opening a canvas, the view centres automatically on what I assume to be the canvas’ (0, 0).

This can be annoying given there is no visible mark for the (0, 0), potentially causing canvases to grow asymmetrically around it, and resulting in the canvas opening at an illogical and seemingly arbitrary (relative to the canvas structure) location every time.


  • Add a small origin marker on the canvas to use as reference point

  • Allow for manually setting the canvas origin for a given canvas

  • Determine the canvas centroid automatically based on existing blocks and set as origin

  • Run the “zoom-to-fit” command by default on canvas opening

  • A combination of the above, with a drop-down menu for selection the opening option per canvas (personal preferred solution)

Current workaround

  • Closing and re-opening a canvas to determine the origin, and then manually centering the diagram

I like this approach. I almost always zoom-to-fit as my first action when opening a canvas that doesn’t fit in the window.

  • Run the “zoom-to-fit” command by default on canvas opening

done in 1.1.4


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