Allow for multiple tag-based properties, each with a subset of the vault's tags

Use case or problem

I make heavy use of hierarchical tags, where the base tag describes the purpose and never is really used. Instead, the base tags’ children are.

I’ve type to differentiate between journal entries, meeting notes, Zettelkasten-style things, etc. I’ve meeting to differentiate between team meetings, 1-on-1s, etc.

With the new Properties feature in 1.4.0, it’s possible to create an unlimited number of properties of other types, but for tags we only have the built-in one.

From a technical perspective, this isn’t a problem. But it doesn’t cater for the best UX, at least not when using tags the way I do. All kind of “dimensions” I use tags for get mixed up in the tag property.

Proposed solution

Allow for multiple property fields based on the tags in the vault, each with a custom name and one (or more?) base tag(s) selected. For that property, only children of that base tag is included in the suggestion list.