Allow following the links in the editor pane with a middle mouse button click?

Middle mouse key is currently unused, might be nice for middle mouse click to act the same as cmd-clicking when hovering over the links.

(And by the way, it looks like forward / back are already mapped to mouse fn keys)


Excellent idea!

Just searched for this when trying to use middle mouse and got the infamous goofy scroll thing.

Come to find I supported this suggestion months ago.

My past self was on it! :laughing:

It’s weird noone else is eager to support it :frowning: Such a low hanging fruit.


To be honest, I rarely dig through older topics despite understanding how many good things get lost in the overload. I know the best things don’t always get the most recognition, if any, but still the only time I end up seeing hidden gem requests like this is a follow up post like you did to revive it into the latest category, or sometimes when doing quick searches before making a request of my own.

Anyways, thIs makes me think I should do more browsing in the past and occasionally posting a little jolt of life into some past ideas I had which may have had ingredients that were good if not full fledged, and never quite took.

I don’t think it is that people aren’t eager for this, but rather more eager for something else unless they see this at moments when they are ready to explore (like when checking out the latest category).

Nice to hear from you again, not that I was around back then.