Allow accents in block names

Use case or problem

  1. I would like to be able to name blocks using letters with accent, such a é, è, ä, ü, etc. For the moment ^allonge is a valid block name whereas ^allongé is not.
  2. Spanish, French, German, are widespread languages and they use accents. The current restriction forces one to write incorrect words and produces ambiguity : allonge is a conjugated verb, whereas allongé is a past participle.
  3. Tags currently support letters with accents; I suppose there must be a technical reason why this is not true of blocks.

Proposed solution

Either target a few widespread languages that use accents, or find a way to allow all letters of the Latin alphabet with all possible accents – I don’t have enough knowledge of Unicode to know if this massive extension of permitted characters would be easy to implement.

Thank you for your time and consideration!


+1 to this request. Would like to add another ‘Feature request’ by adding color to the name. This would help distinguish the block name amongst other colors in note.
Currently, using Obsidian gruvbox and it would be a nice feature!!