All zoom controls to increase the font-size of developer console

Use case or problem

I use the developer console Ctrl + Shift + I in Obsidian to find CSS styles, and to create custom CSS styles, mainly to increase the font size of the different elements, e.g. to increase the font-size of the left and right panels, and so on.

I use a Zoom factor of ~120% in Chrome (Browser), because I have a low vision (ageing eyes). In Obsidian, the developer console does not allow to be zoomed in. It makes it hard for me to see/read the console.

Proposed solution

Could you consider adding zoom controls to the developer console?

  • Zoom In: Ctrl + +
  • Zoom Out: Ctrl + -
  • Actual Size: Ctrl + 0

I can use these shortcuts in my browser to increase the font-size of the console. I would like to be able to increase the size of the console when I use Obsidian too.