All files gone and theme reset on restart

What I’m trying to do

All the files in my Obsidian Vault are gone after restarting PC (Windows 10). Theme was also reset from dark to light. Upon opening Obsidian, it created a new Vault folder in Documents. Auto-update was enabled, so maybe that caused it, if it can update by itself.

Things I have tried

Snapshots were enabled, but none are showing up. I just have the free version, so I don’t have syncing or backups anywhere. Searched hard drive for another Vault folder and individual .canvas files, and found nothing. Tried recovering deleted files from Recycle Bin (just to cover all bases) and did not find anything Obsidian-related.

Any further suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

If I’m reading your post right, the entire contents of your vault were deleted?

Yes, that is correct. I had something like 20 folders in the vault, each of which had some number of notes and/or canvas files.

I have no idea how your vault was deleted, but here are some links about setting up backups so you can recover if something similar ever happens again.

Easy directions to setup local backups:

Links about online backups:

(Note that sync isn’t backup.

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