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Hello, months of work on obsidian are completely wiped off of my pc and I have no idea what to do about it. I haven’t touched my pc in a week, so when I turned it on today, I everything was gone! My pc went through a software update when I turned it on, could that have been a cause?

All of my old obsidian files that i deleted as time went by are still in my bin, i went through them all and none of my actual stuff is on them.
I went to file recovery on obsidian but that did no help at all, nothing I had before was on it.
Is there any possible way I could recover my things at all? I regret not backing up my data onto onedrive too just in case because I’m really upset over this now.

I do empathise, but this seems like a file system problem since the lost data is just files on the computer. Are any other files missing?

Unless the files were deleted when you closed down the machine, it must have happened when you restarted and the OS updated. I don’t think Obsidian itself has the ability to delete all filesin one swoop. So, you’d need to give full details of your setup - OS, Obsidian version, file system, location of files, vault structures etc - for anyone to have an idea of what you might do.

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Yes please answer the details Dor mentioned. But also when you say “my bin”, what do you mean? The Windows recycle bin? Or the Obsidian .trash folder?

If the files are in your Windows (I’m assuming Windows) recycling bin, my guess is it’s more important to share details about what system folder your had your vault in.

If it is in your Obsidian trash folder, then I would highly suspect a plugin. In Obsidian you can list your debug info (versions, plugins, etc.) by the command, “Show debug info”.

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