All Content from Vault disappeared

Things I have tried

I’ve looked for answers to my problem, but perhaps I don’t have adequate knowledge to understand my problem, and so I am finding no answers…

What I’m trying to do

When I opened Obsidian this morning, my vault was completely empty, and the theme had transitioned back to the original black and purple. There was no evidence I had ever used it - though in fact for the past few months Obsidian has been my only notetaking app, and I use it extensively for work. Eeek!

All my files are still on my computer, but are no longer recognized by Obsidian - when I click on them, my computer can’t open them. I can drag them one by one into Obsidian, but all my file structure is lost (and there are way too many to drag back one by one).

A colleague suggested that Obsidian has lost track of where the files are stored, but I don’t know how to correct this.

Would love any support to get my notes back into Obsidian - and to ensure this doens’t happen again!

Many thanks.

If you click on “File > Open Vault…” does it appear in the left column? (recent vaults). If so, click on it.

If not, click on “Open Folder as Vault”, navigate to the folder containing your vault, and click “Open”.

Does that work?

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Thanks for the help! I am literally jumping up and down with joy. Your second suggestion allowed me to restore everything just as it was. So much gratitude.