All 2 months work gone for the second time

I have been making notes for my academic course for the last 3 months. It was a very long file with many latex equation. I have edited it tomorrow and When I opened that file today it was completely blank with all my works gone.
This happened with the same file some time ago and I was not sure if it was my mistake or the application and it was just one month of work so I wrote it again but now after all my daily work continuously for so long it happened again and I am sure this time that it is actually the problem with the application because I had taken precaution that this would never happen. I have checked the file in the file location it is showing file size 0kb.

I need help regarding this, is there a way to recover the notes in that file. I can’t afford to give so much time and effort and start again after this. Those notes were very important to me. I can’t explain how important those were.
Can anyone help me with this?

I lost a note couple of days ago. I was writing a link and I don’t know what happened but the note turned blank. And hitting undo did nothing. That was one of best notes, but I don’t know what happened so maybe I did something stupid I didn’t notice, but it was very weird. I think anything normal should be fixed by pressing Ctrl + Z, I am still confused.

First of all, please back up your vault.


Back up your vault.


  1. What’s your OS?
  2. Do you have any file syncing going on? Dropbox, Google Drive, etc?
  3. Do you have any community plugins installed?
  4. Have you looked in the system’s trash?

It depends on your device and operating system. Was some backup enebled or not? Theoretically, you could try to do a restore of the previous version of the vault (or its files) using system tools (shadow copy or time machine, if were enabled), otherwise you need to search for Recovery application.

For the future, it is recommended to use some version control system and a backup solution.

  1. I am using windows 10.
  2. No file syncing was going on
  3. I have “advanced tables” plugin active.
  4. It’s not in the trash.
    The file is still there but the content is gone. And the file size is showing 0kb.

I am using windows 10 and no backup was enabled.
I seriously want to restore that file. Can you recommend any recovery application that might help this situation.

This happened to me before and I also thought maybe it was my fault. This time I have taken all precautions and I am sure it’s some problem with the obsidian.
Did you recover your notes?

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Yeah I thought it maybe a bug, but was not sure. I have a old back up of my vault I have to look into, but I’ve made so many changes it takes time.
But my note was relatively short, nothing like what you said. You should definitely made couple of back ups for the kinds of effort you are talking about.

Yeah, that was the big mistake. The file was locally stored so I thought they will be fine. I learned this the hard way.

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Hope you can still recover it tho.

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Well, I can recommend only R-Studio, but it isn’t free and not sure about demo. But you can try to check free/freemium analogs on


It’s very hard to say what is going on.

The file is likely empty because it was deleted at some point and now you clicked on a link and recreated it empty.

Is it possible that you renamed or moved this file?

Aside if this a problem with Obsidian or not (it would be great to have reproduceble steps), you really need to have some form of backup in place for your important sfuff.

You can try recurva as suggested.

You can also look at .trash/ in your vault and the system recycle bin.

How did you open it in this moment? Please describe exactly what you did.

Other important things for us to know are which Obsidian version and which installer are you using (you can take a screenshot in Settings > About)

I am sure I have not done anything from my side to the file. The first time it happened I thought maybe it was my mistake, so I was very precautions about it. Last time it happened to the same file, maybe it was some problem with a particular file or some problem with huge number of latex equations.

Mostly It contained small notes linked with it and those are safe, so I can reproduce my work again but it will take extra time.
But I have created a backup now.


Every night I work on this subject. Last night I added some notes and embedded some small notes to it. After that I opened today and it was blank.
The file was empty but I was able to scroll for a while as if content were there or probably blank spaces. But when I opened edit pane it was like any new file.

Is it possible that this file is hard to render for some reason and it wasn’t actually empty (at least initially)?

I suggest to grab a fresh copy of obsidian from the website and reinstall it.
Good on keep backups.

Most of my files take some time to render because they are filled with mathematical equations, but normal text in the file appears quickly. When I saw the file empty I checked it in the original location and its size was 0kb, so the file was actually empty.