Aliases for Headings with the Various Complements plugin

There are already some feature requests in this topic. Somebody even mentioned a dictionary solution.

Hereby I briefly showcase that solution, which especially made sense in this use case of mine.

It is pretty simple. As I outlined in this GitHub discussion, one would do well to pre-populate one’s custom dictionary file outside of Obsidian:

  • Run regex searches on your vault in Notepad++, copy the results of your links with headings, run some regex replacements to equip your full links complete with headings, and copy the results to a txt file you specify as your custom dictionary in VC.

For example, in my note, titled Greek, I have a heading named Pre-Greek Pre-Indo-European languages.

  • You can use Heading 2, 3, or whatever for these use cases. It doesn’t matter.

The link to that is obviously: [[Greek#Pre-Greek Pre-Indo-European languages]].
This is the item we’ll add to the custom dictionary. As I said, it is faster to do it from outside of Obsidian.
Using the proper delimiters (see discussion link), one could write in (after two tabs, you populate your aliases, among which the last two are especially useful, in this case):

[[Greek#Pre-Greek Pre-Indo-European languages]]<two tabs>Greek#Pre-Greek Pre-Indo-European languages<one tab>Pre-Greek Pre-Indo-European languages<one tab>Pre-Greek languages<one tab>Pre-Hellenic languages
  • The first two aliases are not real aliases, only stripped-off versions of the full link, as you can see. One might find those useful as well.

The result is that when you type in as little as pre-Hel or even pre-H, you’d get a pop-up with the link [[Greek#Pre-Greek Pre-Indo-European languages]], which you can accept and insert, or move on if you don’t want to insert it.

If you are not good with Notepad++ and regex searches/substitutions, you can just as well type your stuff in manually, or as you go along.

Obviously all of the above can work well with text blocks/sections with ID’s as well.

Some help with the regex:

Made a video:

(In my case, the folder with the custom dictionary file(s) is moved out and back again and the custom temp folder names needed to be normalised.)