Aliases autocomplete in tables doesn't apply escaping character before "|"

I couldn’t find this bug filed yet, so I’m reporting.

Inside tables the character | has conflict with the table format, so aliases in wikilinks work like this in Obsidian when they are inside tables:
[[File Title\|Alias]].

Everyone wants to write quickly when linking aliases but every time it links inside a table it does without the escaping character like this [[File Title|Alias]] and we have to add the \ before the | manually. And it is exhausting for big tables.

So, the expected behavior is that it should first check if it is inside a table and if so then add also the escaping character \ before the alias pipeline |.

I cannot reproduce that. Whenever I include a link inside a table cell, then inside the link type a pipe followed by an alias, the table remains intact and the properly working link displays the alias. This also works correctly when autocompleting a suggestion by hitting Tab, then typing the pipe symbol before typing the alias.

If I misunderstood your issue, you may need to clarify a bit more and provide specific steps that allows others to reproduce your issue. Obviously, you always should mention your operating system and Obsidian version, because issues can be specific. My version of Obsidian is 1.5.12 on Linux Fedora 40.