Alias not working

Hi guys I am new to obsidian and am not really familiar with quoting things, so sorry if it turns out to be a simple mistake (which is very likely!)

so basically my alias is not working

I am building up a personal dictionary for language learning, and i created a note for [smack] with aliases [smacks] [smacking] and more. I have double-checked that the yaml is valid, but the [smack] note just doesn’t show up when I highlighted smacks, as shown in the pictures below

the note

when i am trying to see the card

Aliases don’t really work that way. After defining the aliases, you get the benefit of being able to type [[ and then type any of the aliases , and you will get an autocomplete to the correct note. In doing this the link that gets created will also be modified to have the correct display text based on the alias you typed.

I hope this helps.

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You can use the pipe character | after the link text but within the same [[]] to create an alias for the link.

When creating a link with an alias, it would be formatted as [[smack|smacks]]; this would show smacks as the link text inline but navigate to when clicked.

Look at Link with aliases in the help guide on this topic for a better understanding.


I see… Thank you very much!!

Thank you!! I will check the guide more thoroughly

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