Alias implementation – rename link of files about to be deleted

I write bilingually. Sometimes I make/made an entry in English and one in my native language. In some cases the difference between the two lexical items is just one letter or an accent mark or two.
So for example, I had “” and “Sámá” and I decided to delete “” which contained only a forwarding link to “Sámá”. Before I deleted the file, I made sure to put in my frontmatter the alias “Shaman.”
I repeated the same thing for other names (e.g. Greek Gods/Goddesses).
Then a half hour later it occurred to me to look for broken links. And indeed, there they were, 5 or in other cases 10-12 instances of broken links.
It goes without saying these doubles were a necessity from an old workflow from back in the day when I didn’t know about Obsidian or frontmatter/aliasing.

Is there a use case or could a function – native or otherwise – be implemented to cater for to-be-deleted items that are existing aliases to another note so that the links belonging to the deleted items should not be broken? In other words: could we have a dialog box asking/notifying about renaming the links with the aliases if there are any?

I was on mobile and overlooked which thread this post was going to be assigned to. I was about to ask to have this moved to Feature Requests, but now thinking this could start out as a plugin and may be integrated into core Obsidian later on.

I’d find this very handy indeed because we don’t want duplicate ideas or not having them properly linked up in our vault and we also need to keep notes to a minimum (I am nearing 15000 and trying to cut down on the number).
The feature of aliasing is really powerful and I would this or similar kinds of automation developed or at least addressed first.