Alias doesn't seem to be working

I created a new note tonight, and linked a term which should be acting as an alias to another note. But it isn’t linking to the “aliased” note; it’s creating/linking to a new blank note. What am I missing?

This is a snippet of the note in question. This is the NEW note, created today, and this is the word that should be linking to the existing, older note.

This is the top of the existing, older note. As far as I’m aware, this was working properly before. (That is, other old notes, as far as I know, are linking in like they’re supposed to be.)

But this is what the new note is actually linking to:

Never mind. Answering my own question. I just remembered that if the word already exists within the note and you just add the double brackets to it, it doesn’t offer you the redirects; you have to enter them manually.

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