Alfred with Obsidian - Shimmering-obsidian plugin - need help getting this working

This is the plugin and I can’t get it working…

Both Advaced URI and Metadata Extractro plugins are enabled.

I left the Metadata Extractor plugin configuration as-is, that means I didn’t make any changes for the directory path for metadata.

In Alfred workflow settings I set the variable “vault_path” to this “/Users/MY_USER_NAME/Obsidian/MyData”. The “vault_name” variable is “MyData”.

Then I started osetup, it asked me “MyData … Confirm with return that this is your vault”, there I hit enter to confirm. It just gives a sound notification like a toot or ding and that’s it. Nothing else happened. Obsidian didn’t restart.

The function I need mainly is search for notes.

I have set the variable “main_search_keyword” to a keyword I want e.g. “oooo” for search of notes.

Now I can type oooo and it will show “Search Obsidian vault” command but nothing happens.

If I type e.g. “oooo mynote1234” to search for mynote1234, if I type as far as ooo, the search suggestion / hint shows “Search obsidian vault”, as I trype oooo, that option disappears and shows fall back search options…

Tried another command, e.g. Open Vault, … same issue, here on selecting the option Open Vault nothing happens.

I am not sure the vault is connected at all.

I don’t know what to do.

Would really like to use this wonderful plugin.