Airr – a podcast player app that transcribes and allows to highlight passages

Hey everyone,

I recently stumbled upon Airr a new podcast player that transcribes podcasts and allows you to highlight passages. The app already has integrations with Roam, Remnote and Readwise.

The app is still very clunky, but I do like the functionality to basically quote a podcast. Taking notes on a podcast is what provides the most friction to me.

Is there any way to integrate this with Obsidian? Or easily (automatically?) sync highlights from Airr to .md files?
I’d love to hear your ideas :slight_smile:



Good idea. Interesting. I also wonder if there isn’t a way to embed the audio similar to the audio recorder plugin and have links to that audio that bring the play head directly to just before the moment of interest.

It might be the best of both worlds to have text quotations supported by audio backups for situations where multiple people are speaking or for example the speakers are incorporating additional important non auto-transcribable sounds into their discussion. I also wonder about video transcripts. There must be software in the works somewhere that describes video for the visually impaired which could also be useful in this context.



Airr builder here—hear you on the app being clunky!

Improving performance is the main focus now. App updates for this week and over the next few weeks are focused on making the app a ton faster and more stable.

We’re actually beta testing these improvements now. If anyone wants to help test these, feel free to message me I’ll send an invite to our beta.

We haven’t yet explored an auto-sync with Obsidian, but this is definitely something I’d like to figure out. In the meantime, we have set up some advanced share features that let you copy the quote (& transcript, when available) to share to Obsidian in markdown.


Love the idea behind the app…brilliant. Looking forward to more stability! I’d love to test out the beta.

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Great! Feel free to send over an email (Can DM in Airr via Settings > Help). Can also send an email to [email protected] or via Twitter DM :slight_smile: