AI empowered Zettelkasten with NER and Graph LLM

Last time, we tweaked Obsidian to work with links and make it closer to Personal Knowledge Graphs with plugins.

Today, I want to explain how a classical Knowledge Graph, as an extra layer, could empower Knowledge Management with AI tools.

Idea is simple you have your idea zettelkasten + knowledgegraph generated by #ai entityrecognition (NER) and graphconstruction llm slm

As a result, you have a deeper and better connection and source for #link prediction and reasoning

We do it already for you #ai #agent conversation at


I made an article with more details AI-empowered Personal Knowledge Graphs in Obsidian. | by Volodymyr Pavlyshyn | Mar, 2024 | Medium

I really wish the community would get behind making links more like full-fledged edges in a graph sense. the link should have metadata.