Aggregating Backlink Content - Creating a cheat sheet

Things I have tried

dataview query
Drag and dropping
Toggling backlinks to documents
Searched the forum - found an old post in 202 that didn’t resolve
crawled the internet

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to create a cheat sheet for an exam that I have coming up. There is a feature in Roam that allows the user to drag and drop blocks with a backlink or tag to a new page. I found a thread on the forum about it, but it is from 2020 and doesn’t get around to a working solution.

Currently if I drag and drop a linked mention I get a link IE [[link name]]. What I am looking for is a way to drag that linked mention and get the block of content. IE

Is there a way to do this? Or a plugin that helps with this?

I’m trying to leverage backlinks to create a cheat sheet for an exam by dropping backlink block content onto a page.

Try the Copy Block Link. I think it does what you are asking. It allows you to click to copy a block link and then paste it somewhere else.
There is also Obsidian block drag-n-drop. I haven’t tried this out, so I cannot speak about its functionality. It allows for dragging blocks to separate panes.

That one only works for bulleted blocks atm.
This one works for all blocks, but doesn’t work in Live Preview - Legacy Editor only:-

Have you tried the embed?
![[link name]]

Yes, I have tried that, but it links the whole note which is extensive. What works better is using the [[^]] option, but it requires me to manually revisit all of those notes, which is part of what I’m trying to avoid.

If all your linked mentions are whole notes, then that’s all that will be possible. If you had some that included the block name, they would be listed as such.

As it is, I doubt that there’s a way to avoid manual revisiting, whether you do it through embed links or using one of the plugins mentioned above.


Thank you for this. Copy Block Link is the closest thing I have found so far. I gave drag and drop a go as well, but copy block was the better of the two.


I’m still figuring this system out. Right now each note is a full module’s worth of notes. Probably 20-30 pages per module. Within each of those I use plenty of links [[cheat sheet]] and I was hoping it would isolate that block and bring it to the cheat sheet page. I’m also starting to use tags to see if those would help, but I’m not quite zeroed in on how I want to use tags vs backlinks.

Anyway @jwl 's suggestion of copy block link looks like it could be a good option in the near term. I will still need something more efficient than visiting each note and scrolling to find stuff though. I’m sure I’m not the only one asking about this kind of feature, so I hope it will show up soon.

The problem with your system is that links will only point to block when they are block links. So, if you have done it that way when you do your linking, they will show as block links in the linked mentions. But can’t otherwise.
I also use inline tags, which do take you direct to the location.

Using search should take you direct to the block too

The most natural way of using Obsidian would be to have shorter notes than 20-30 pages. I personally think 20-30 pages is a good design choice, assuming you use headers, but most of the functionality in Obsidian - and the plugins - seems aimed at shorter notes. The whole design is very different to Roam, which is completely designed around blocks.

Yeah, it’s my bad from taking advice from a Roam user. I’ve never used roam, just seen it in action. Everything I have is well organized, so I could break things up into lectures but even those notes are probably too big.

I don’t think I have a good grasp on how to leverage backlinks. My current setup doesn’t seem to be using them correctly.

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