Agenda Integration

I’m definitely not a periodic notes kind of guy (in the sense of choosing templates for me, sitting down only for the sake of writing, etc). I firmly believe Obsidian is an awesome app, but depending on your usage case, it might not be right for certain things. I personally use Apple reminders and calendar to plan my days ahead, and wish I could seemingly use obsidian for that, but Apple does not make it easy for plugin devs. Apple-reminders plugin doesn’t work on mobile, doesn’t work with my days format and full calendar only shows events, it doesn’t allows editing.
So I prefer to use an app called Agenda instead (, it is markdown based and has deep integration with ical and reminders.

I wish I could show Agenda stuff in Obsidian and send back what I edit, and maybe be able to link obsidian content inside agenda and vice-versa (if possible).
They have an API: X-callback-url Support and Reference - Shortcuts - Agenda Community

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I also love Agenda, and am a paid subscriber to their service. But it is Apple-only and I recently switched jobs to a Windows shop.
Is there a good way to import Agenda data to Obsidian?