After the update, I don't see the slashes

I recently upgraded and noticed that Obsidian doesn’t show slashes \ in bold
I often save file descriptions and paths, now it’s all unreadable. :frowning:

How to fix it??
There is no such problem in other editors. Everything is good in Marktext and Vscode!


Not sure exactly the issue but backslashes like Windows uses for paths can often confuse software. If you are in Live Preview (pencil icon at the bottom right of your screen) you could try switching to Source View and seeing if you like that better?
Alternatively, you could wrap the paths in single backticks so they are treated as code - just be sure to put the bold outside the backticks:

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I’m talking about this. Good mode but buggy.

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Two-character sequences of backslash-alphanumeric (such as \a, \2, etc., found throughout Windows file paths) have no special meaning in Markdown or in Obsidian’s documented syntax. Obsidian’s Reading View correctly reflects this.

The problem is that Obsidian (v0.15.9, at least) mangles these sequences in Editing View (albeit differently in the two modes), making Windows file paths all but unreadable until previewed:

Reading View: correctly gives \ no special meaning when followed by alphanumeric:

Editing View, Source mode: ghosts \U, \b, etc. as if they were escape sequences:

Editing View, Live Preview mode: takes this misrendering a step further by hiding each \:

P.S. Do workarounds exist? Of course, such as using backticks to render Windows file paths as code. But that doesn’t make it any less of a bug.

I’m not sure when the bug was introduced – perhaps while implementing this feature request.

Yes, there are workarounds:

Here is a test path including n and t which would fail. These all work.

A code block surrounded by backticks, or triple-backticks:

Use double slashes:


Use forward slashes:


Any of these formats should probably also be valid and work just fine in any tools or environments you’re using. Any decent tool will parse those formats correctly.

Results in Reading Mode:

just to add on, another alternative is wrap it with html tag, preferably unformatted <span> per below

  • <span>C:\path\to\file</span>

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