After last update, Obsidian freezes

After updating Obsidian to the newest release (insider build), I cannot use it anymore. Every time I open Obsidian, after ca. 10 seconds, Obsidian freezes.

I am on macOS Ventura Version 13.1

Switch to the default theme, toggle off any custom CSS snippets (Settings > Appearance > CSS snippets), and disable all plugins by entering Restricted mode (Settings > Community plugins > Restricted mode > "Turn on") and restart Obsidian.

  • How is your vault with the default theme, no snippets, and Restricted mode enabled?
  • How is it with your preferred community theme, no snippets, and restricted mode enabled?
  • How is it with your preferred community theme, snippets toggled ON (if you have any), and restricted mode enabled?
  • With restricted mode OFF, turn on plugins in batches to see if you can track down any that seem to be causing issues.

Dumb question: How can I switch off CSS snippets and enter Restricted mode, if Obsidian is frozen?

I’d move my .obsidian folder (or parts of it) out of my vault and see if I can pin down what is causing the issue (this will reset a bunch of Obsidian settings and plugins but you can replace as needed).

I see, that’s a good take! I’ll try it now.

No need to delete anything. Just quit Obsidian and shuffle a few things out of .obsidian/ Replace as needed.

I removed the entire folder .obsidian and reopen Obsidian. Now, it does not freeze. I’ll then now try to pick some file files from the old .obsidian folder to the new .obsidian folder, to see what has caused the problem.

Yeah, that sounds good. One at a time. :slight_smile:

It could be a naughty plugin or a corrupted settings file.

Thank you!

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